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Frazzetta Financial Services Keeps You Protected

Through Frazzetta Financial Services, we offer several types of insurance coverages.

Transitioning into Medicare can be confusing due to all the options that are available. It can be especially challenging for those who continue working past age 65 and are covered under a group health insurance plan. There is no need to go through this decision-making process alone. The agents at Frazzetta Financial have years of experience with the Medicare system and all of the options available. Whether it is a Supplement, Advantage plan, or Prescription Drug plan Frazzetta Financial can help you determine which solution is best for you.

Small business owners wear several hats. While offering benefits is a critical component for retaining valuable employees, it is difficult for small businesses to find the time it takes to develop a solid benefits package for employees. Let Frazzetta Financial do the heavy lifting and find the right mix of benefits for your company.

Life and health insurance, along with short and long term disability insurance, are critical components of a successful financial plan. These policies protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected. With a multitude of options available, our experts will find a solution that matches your unique needs.

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